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Impact Brazil

Besides being one of the most captivating places in terms of landscapes with its powdery white-sand beaches, verdant rainforests and wild, rhythm-filled metropolises, Brazil is known for the diversity and warmth of its people who won't hesitate to go through great lengths to make you discover the beauty of their culture. Moreover, Brazil is known for the highlight it put on SDGs to develop the country through the work of the National Commission for SDGs, it ranks as the 56th country in terms of SDG Progess contribution. AIESEC in Brazil has contributed to this through various projects in Quality Education, Climate Change and Fight against poverty.

What they say about Their Experience in Brazil

تقبلوني كيما انا و ماكانوش كايتخلعو من الاختلافات ديالي، بالعكس، كانو كايهتمو بيهم

I’m from a small conservative town, and my first time traveling abroad was to one of the craziest countries ever, Brazil. Before I started my volunteering in Brazil so many people were warning me about the cultural shock I will experience there and how challenging it will be to live among the Brazilians. This is one of the main reasons I decided to take it upon myself to fly halfway across the world for a marketing project in an NGO in the exotic city Salvador. Yes, it is true that everything was so different – the traffic, the streets, the schools, the people, the closing, the nature… But thanks to the magnificent people I met there I felt just as home as I feel in Morocco, every time you meet someone new they just hug you, compliment you and do not hesitate to express how much they appreciate you coming to their country trying to make a positive impact.

Kaoutar Jbilou, a Moroccan Exchange Participant in Brazil


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