What is

Global Entrepreneur?

Intern with a StartUp to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Leadership

A global internship opportunity in a startup for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career.

  • Entrepreneurial Stint Put your entrepreneurial aspirations to the test by working with a startup and embracing the challenges that come with it. Understand the behind-the-scenes of running an entrepreneurial venture through experience.
  • Global Opportunity Take your professional and life experiences to the next level by exposing yourself to a whole new culture and environment, as you live your internship in a completely foreign society. Learn how to adapt in a multicultural environment and stand out.
  • Expand your Network Leverage from the many opportunities to grow your professional network that will support in your own future entrepreneurial endeavors. Connect with professionals and experts from diverse walks of life who will support later on.
  • Develop Yourself Grow and develop by going through practical experiences and learning-by-doing.

Where can I

Go Volunteer?

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Please all your senses & Impact the World in Turkey

Beautiful landscapes, even more beautiful architecture, one of the most delicious cuisines in the world and a welcoming culture awaits for you in Turkey. Add to it cheap living costs, no visa requirements to travel to Turkey for Moroccan citizens and a wide range of projects targetting diverse SDGs and you get the perfect destination for your volunteering experience this summer! So what are you waiting for?

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What do they say about theirExperience with AIESEC?

“One of my students was a kid who suffered from a mental disability. He refused totally to join us during the sessions at the beginning. He always sits alone in a corner observing. Day after day he started accompany the rest of his classmates. One day he was looking at me with his bright eyes and asked me with his angelic voice “Do you love me? Do you love us?” I completely was out of my comfort zone; I felt that all this experience was about answering this question. The shine in his eyes and his eagerness to know my answer made me realise how important is to tell people you care about, that you love them.” - Mohammed Amine Biad, Exchange Participant in Turkey

“When I first decided to volunteer in India, all my friends and family told me that there's nothing interesting there. They all insisted that it would be a mistake. That I would regret it. India is a dangerous place, they said, I will only be exposing myself to a high risk because of the level of crime and rape.
But I just went there. Because traveling is the only way to prove all those stereotypes wrong. And unlike what they predicted, I have no regrets at all.” - Manal Mana, Exchange Participant in India

“ هاد الصورة فيها واحد من الأقسام ديالي، و صحابي من العالم كامل. فاللول طلبو منا نقريوهوم كيفاش يقادو CV ولا Cover letter، ولاكن قررنا نخدمو على Soft skils. هاد التغيير فالخدمة لي كان خاصنا نديروها ماكانش ساهل على التلاميذ فاللول حيت ماكانوش كايتسناو يخدمو على مهارات التحدث أمام الجمهور، العمل الجماعي و مهارات حل المشاكل. ولكن بينو تجاوب كبير حيت هاد المواضيع كانو عندهم علاقة بأهداف التنمية المستدامة الي حطاتهم الأمم المتحدة، و الي كايهمونا كاملين فالحياة اليومية ديالنا.
تفاجأت بالتقدم الي كانو كايديروه هاد الناس حصة مورا حصة، فالمهارات ديالهم د التواصل و حل المشاكل بطرق مبتكرة. كان واحد الجو ديال تبادل المعارف، كنت كاناخد و نعطي فنفس الوقت، و تعلمت بزاآآآف دلحوايج من هاد الشباب الواعرين بزاف. ”

- Selmane Zeroual, Exchange Participant in Tunisia

“Each one of these people is coming from a different country : with a different mindset, different society , different culture , different beliefs , different religion , different lifestyle. But those same people built a friendship. So strong, it overcame every possible difference. We came to realize that in moments of laughter, moments of craziness, moments of trust and friendship, there was no difference that stands. We become instantly a group of people who are exactly the same.” - Hamza Labcir

How can I go on Exchange?

Find your Dream Opportunity

Check the thousands of opportunities on the system here and find the opportunity of your dreams.

Once done, make sure to sign up and fill out your profile.

Pass the Selection

Once you sign up, you can now apply to all those attractive opportunities; when done, AIESEC will contact you to follow up on your application and explain to you the selection process.

Live the Experience

You finally made it! The next step is for you to pay and book your flight ticket to go live your life-changing experience.

How much you would need to pay?

Program Fee


To be paid after acceptance for your chosen opportunity; signing up and applying to opportunities is completely free.

What is provided?
  • Affordable Internship Program Fees
  • A local volunteer to support you with application process and Outgoing Preparation
  • A local volunteer in the host country to help you with daily support
  • Access to Internship Opportunities in 25+ Countries
  • Access to Leadership Development Assessment tools
  • Online Support and Program Guide
  • Support with VISA Documents and Insurance
  • Personal Goal Setting Sessions before the Program
  • Experience Debriefing sessions after the Program
  • Accommodation (Additional Fee up to 200$ might be charged in some Countries)
Q. How is the Selection Process?

Most of the time, you will be asked to pass an interview with the AIESEC entity of the country you applied to and the start up that enabled the opportunity. The process might be longer or shorter depending on the opportunity.

Q. How can I join AIESEC as a member?

AIESEC Morocco allows both returnees (exchange participants who finished their experience) and externals to join the organization twice a year through the national recruitment. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date for the next recruitment dates!

Q. How can I contact you?

AIESEC Morocco is present physically in 15 cities across Morocco and virtually in all of Morocco, send us a message over the little blue icon on the bottom right of the page if you cannot reach your local AIESEC responsible!

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