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With more than seventeen thousand islands and paradise beaches wherever you look, Indonesia is a dream destination for many travellers. But the archipelago has a lot more to offer than just its beauty, Indonesia has developed over the years a shared identity, defined by a national language, ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a Muslim-majority population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it. If you want to enlarge your vision of peace in other countries while impacting the world, Indonesia is the place to be this summer!

What they say about Their Experience in Indonesia

1 picture, 9 countries and 21 amazing souls

I'm Ibtissam HILI, 20 years old, and because of AIESEC, 2017 was the best year that I lived so far. During this year I joined AIESEC, and in the same year I had the best journey of my life. I went on exchange to a country that I never thought I would visit one day, INDONESIA. It all started when me and my best friend decided to go together to an Asian country, as AIESECers we knew that the place doesn't matter cause it's all about the experience... so after 2 months we finally chose the perfect project; the "Minang paradise project" .
in Indonesia I discovered a girl who can be so strong and overcome her biggest fears, I discovered a person who have a strong will and can do anything to win, I discovered a new ME, along with that I discovered a new meaning of friendship, the meaning of having friends who are ready to do everything just to see you smiling, that's why I chose this picture among a ton of pictures I have with them, this one was taken after a 1 week of camping in an island discovering "the wild life", and the same day after our return, instead of resting, we changed our clothes, wore our t-shirts and went directly to a studio. These kind of memories show how precious the time we spent together was to us, and the true love and friendship we feel toward each others. We were a happy family, even the members of the host LC was describing us as the best EPs they hosted ever, and there is some who were calling us the HAPPY VIRUS, because wherever we went happiness and laughter were always following us.
So to end this, I would like to thank those lovely people for sharing and giving me one of the best memories I could ever have, the both LCs; AIESEC for EL JADIDA and LC in UNIVERSITAS ANDALAS; for their support and hard work. But the biggest THANKS will go directly to AIESEC for giving me the chance to see a new world and discover what I thought it would never be possible.

Ibtissam Hili, a Moroccan Exchange Participant in Indonesia


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