Live the Experience Turkey

Feel'in Turkey
No Visa required
2000MAD for 6 weeks

Feel'in Turkey

Beautiful landscapes, even more beautiful architecture, one of the most delicious cuisines in the world and a welcoming culture awaits for you in Turkey. Add to it cheap living costs, no visa requirements to travel to Turkey for Moroccan citizens and a wide range of projects targetting diverse SDGs and you get the perfect destination for your volunteering experience this summer! So what are you waiting for?

What they say about Their Experience in Turkey

We managed to love each other, care about each one issues, and mainly live together in harmony.

I grew up in an environment where we show love but we never share our feelings out loud. I was supposed to let people understand that I care about them through actions not through words. In Turkey, things were different. I was completely astonished by how people could easily tell you how much they love you in a simple, uncomplicated, and honest manner. People really cared about letting people know their feelings towards them; bad or good, it didn’t matter. I lived many situations during my AIESEC internship where friends told me “I love you”. At that time, I had to learn to tell them back because I truly loved them. I couldn’t let the six weeks end up without releasing my feelings from their captivity. One of my students was a kid who suffered from a mental disability. He refused totally to join us during the sessions at the beginning. He always sits alone in a corner observing. Day after day he started accompany the rest of his classmates. One day he was looking at me with his bright eyes and asked me with his angelic voice “Do you love me? Do you love us?” I completely was out of my comfort zone; I felt that all this experience was about answering this question. The shine in his eyes and his eagerness to know my answer made me realise how important is to tell people you care about, that you love them. Your mother, your father, your family, or your friends, they all deserve to hear it from you. This internship was my life changing experience. I lived it with people from different backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities. But we managed to love each other, care about each one issues, and mainly live together in harmony.

Med Amine Biad, a Moroccan Exchange Participant in Turkey


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