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The Beauty of Eastern Europe
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The Beauty of Ukraine

Discover the beauty of Eastern Europe by visiting Ukraine, the 32nd most populous country in the World famous for its beautiful architecture, natural wonders and the diversity of the cultures cohabitating in this rich land. Ukraine is also one of the favourite destinations of tourists all over the world due to its cheap living costs and the remnants of its long history. Exchange participants in Ukraine can feel their impact on the society through the volunteer work they do, especially for Quality Education!

What they say about Their Experience in Ukraine

I got inspired from every single person that I met from the beginning of the first contact with AIESEC till this day.

My name is Raji HAMAD, 28 years old, Palestinian Born and raised in Morocco, and this is my story behind joining AIESEC. It all began with an Inspiration from a young AIESEC’er who came to the coaching center to have us as partners for an AIESEC. That was my first contact with the Local Committee of Rabat.
By our second meeting, we had some coaching activities and team building; it was so special and full of energy. Before the event, I had many thoughts and questions, the answers where the reasons for me to take my experience to the next level, a Global volunteer program with AIESEC.
The adventure began after being accepted in the project in Kyiv and every adventure comes with challenges. The first challenge was the visa, as my first visa application was declined but with the support of the Projects HR manager, I got it 20 Hours before my flight so the challenge became against time.
As I arrived to the Airport after midnight local time, a new challenge began. I was detained more than two hours for the simple reason; holding a Palestinian passport. For that, I had to use my coaching skills combined with the HR Manager phone call so I can enter the Ukrainian territories, it was a crazy night. The wonderful thing about that detention was at its end, when the military young man was inspired to learn Coaching and NLP.
The next morning I was picked up from the Hotel and met Exchange Participants from around the world, we spend great times together to the point that we became a little family. By the end of that week the work began, we presented ourselves and where we come from, that was a huge turning point for me, as it made me understand that I belong to Morocco as much I belong to Palestine.
Few days after, My leadership skills were brought to appearance in Sacrifice Feast (or Eïd Al Adha) when I proposed to EPs to go for a barbecue on the river, where we made a camp fire and spend the night eating one of the most tasty meats I ever prepared. It was one of the fun moments.
Volunteering projects arent only about having fun, but also about giving our best to the project. And by doing our best, my team and I got the few challenges. As the management of the project went out of hands for some reasons that I will not discuss, we had to decide the subjects that we will discuss with Ukrainian youngster. And for that we took the matter in our hands. So I asked for a meeting between the team and the project responsible (and the same time HR Manager), who was really welcoming the new solutions that we had as a team. After that meeting, things changed for the better, every one of us knew what he had to do.
By the end of the project, I realized that the experience changed my life as it changed the life of many people I have met. On the personal level it made me open my eyes and see the world from a different angle. I understood that the world is much bigger as I have ever imagined. I got inspired from every single person that I met from the beginning of the first contact with AIESEC till this day, I believe that many people were inspired by me, even know for sure that some of them made their dreams come true and others understood that there is a better version of themselves that they can reach.
AIESEC didnt only give me a family, but also it gave me a vision for my own future, and to give AIESEC something back, I decided to join LC Rabat.

Raji Hamad, a Moroccan Exchange Participant in Ukraine


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